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The EUP8020X series are highly integrated single cell
      The EUP8020X series are highly integrated single cell Li-Ion/Polymer battery charger IC designed for handheld devices. The EUP8020X accepts two power inputs, normally one from a USB port and another one from AC-adaptor. The EUP8020X automatically selects the USB-Port or the AC-adapter as the power source for the system. In the USB configuration, the host can select from the two preset charge rates of 100 mA and 500 mA. In the AC?adapter configuration an external resistor sets the magnitude of the charge current, which may be programmed up to 1A. 

* Charges Single Cell Li-Ion/Polymer from Either AC Adapter or USB With Autonomous Power-Source Selection     
* Integrated Power FET and Current Sensor for Up to 1A Charge Applications From AC Adapter     
* Integrated USB Control With Selectable 100 mA and 500 mA Charge Rates    
* Precharge Conditioning With Safety Timer   
* Power Good (AC Adapter Present) Status Output    
* Optional Battery Temperature Monitoring Before and During Charge 
* Automatic Sleep Mode for Low-Power Consumption  
* Available in DFN-10 Package
* RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free

 * Smartphones    
 * Digital Cameras  
 * PDAs/ MP3 Players   
 * Other Battery-Powered Devices