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Dirac releases new version of Live Room Correction Suite with 192 kHz sample rate support
     Uppsala, Sweden - Swedish audio research firm Dirac Research, sound technology provider to Rolls Royce, BMW, Naim Audio and other world leading brands, today announced a new version of its acclaimed room correction software "Dirac Live Room Correction Suite" with 192 kHz sample rate support.
      The much anticipated new version is based on the same technology as the original Dirac Live Room Correction Suite, Stereo and Full Version, but now supports 192 kHz sample rates in both the Stereo and the Full Version. It features full mixed-phase impulse- and frequency response optimization, born from more than a decade of research and development.
"Many of our users have expressed their desire for 192 kHz support in the current version of Dirac Live Room Correction Suite. We are pleased to offer the new high-resolution room correction system at the same price as before for both the Stereo Version and the Full 8 Channel Version," said Erik Rudolphi, Head of Sales, at Dirac.
      With the room correction software and a calibration microphone, the user performs a simple measurement of the loudspeakers in the listening room. The software then automatically corrects sound defects caused by the audio system and the room, providing the purest possible sound reproduction.
      The software has been tailored for customers who use their computer as an audio source. It has been designed with simplicity in mind without compromise in terms of sound quality and/or flexibility for the advanced user, and it optimizes all sound from the computer regardless of the application used.
     The price is 389 Euro for the Stereo and 650 Euro for the Full Version. Both are available for purchase here.  A free Trial Version (valid for 14 days) with same functionality as the Full Version is available for download here. See product images here.
      Dirac Live is not only sold as a software product for consumers but also licensed to renowned high-end brands in the consumer and professional audio sectors.