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What is the Dirac HD Sound?

Regardless of age in feature phones or smart phone era, music phones has been to locate many of the manufacturers in order to attract users who like to listen to music. The recently released Find 5 as always along for the OPPO music phone genes, a new Dirac HD? and Dolby Mobile sound 3.0 technology. Dirac HD, Dolby sound ??? these words often can be used as a propaganda merchants selling point, I believe we are not familiar with these two words, but you really know them? 

    Briefly talk about Dolby sound. Dolby Pro Logic surround sound (Dolby Pro Logic) was developed by the American Dolby surround sound system. It is the quadraphonic synthesizer while recording two channels through specific encoding means, the upcoming original left channel (L), right channel (R), the center channel (C), the surround channels (S) of 4 signal, the encoded synthesis of LT, RT-channel composite signal, which has been reproduced by the decoder encoded stereo composite signal LT and RT coding is reduced to the left and right, surround four mutually independent signals still quit, and after amplification were entered left speakers, right speakers, center speaker and surround speakers. Because of this characteristic, is often used for the Dolby theaters and home theaters, and it is only to improve the stereo, the sound quality did not improve itself. The Dirac HD Sound that Dirac HD is truly the source of the sound has been improved. 

    Dirac HD Sound Dirac Research AB is a Swedish company has developed an advanced, patented technology, through digital processing to compensate for the speaker system, through the sound system transient response amplitude and frequency response correction, you can make a headset or speaker achieve high-fidelity performance. 

   The first is the transient response of the sound system can be corrected: the nonlinear characteristics of the speaker system itself at work, will lead to changes in transient response. The importance of the transient response of a speaker system is a key factor in a system of fidelity. The following figure compares the changes in response time before and after the Dirac HD Sound processing, a speaker system that appears when you play a transient response signal amplitude and decay time:

   Compare the test results, as a transient signal, the original system to instantly start receiving a signal from the system to the player, you need to have a vibration unit stopped a long time to come, and if there is another voice signal and again in front of the transient signals collide, then, obviously transient signals in two different time points, but mixed together, which led to the process of sound reproduction fidelity is destroyed. And after Dirac processing, playback signals can be completed at the same moment in time to stop unit down. Dirac HD Sound compensation techniques can achieve very good improvements on these issues, by transient response characteristic compensation can be significantly improved sound quality. In fact, plainly, is to some impurities removed sound, the sound of the filter, so that the sound becomes clean, become pure, and so the sound quality is better. 

   Followed by the sound amplitude frequency response correction: amplitude frequency response related to the playback volume ratio of various musical elements, is also an important factor in system fidelity. We often say harsh treble, bass roar, too tenor, in fact, the speaker's frequency amplitude response is poor, does not accurately restore the original signal that some volume. Dirac HD Sound technology uses a unique mixed-phase technology, compared to the traditional balanced handling, more reasonable and effective in improving the frequency amplitude response of the system to near-perfect precision Fixed frequency amplitude response of the speaker, and we therefore can hear the sound of the original appearance of the.

From the illustration above we can see that, through the Dirac correction amplitude frequency response of a speaker can accurately coincide with the target curve, so as to accurately restore the true volume of the original music signal. The upper half of the figure for the actual speaker before optimization amplitude frequency response, the lower half after Dirac HD Sound technology to optimize the post-processing of the measured response, the black is that we hope to achieve the target curve. 

OPPO start using Dirac HD Sound in its series of mobile phones in 2012. Professional monitoring box manufacturer M & K's founder Ken Kreisel, in the evaluation of OPPO phone's voice said, "When using the new OPPO phone and ear plugs with Dirac HD Sound listening to music, the sound quality improvement is so significant, so I feel almost as if with my body in a new generation of monitor speakers are equipped studio ... "really so magical?