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Commodities core technology has become an authorized agency in Shenzhen Tiangong


      Congratulations, product core technology and Shenzhen signed a full range of Skylab GPS (satellite positioning) product sales agency agreement, thus becoming the Shenzhen Skylab's GPS products agency, but also to strengthen the cooperation in the GPS area. 
      Shenzhen Tiangong: 
      Shenzhen Tiangong laboratory was established in 2005, is a special advantage of today's popular or mainstream electronic technology, design, production and sales function module electronics companies. Products to customers under the control or dominate the system, independently perform specific functions, such as control unit, signal acquisition and pre-processing, algorithm execution, data storage, energy conversion, protocol conversion. Forward-looking, innovative, professional pursuit of our products, product line covering telecommunications, industrial, power and other fields, mainly for industrial, automotive, medical, online testing and other markets.